Title IX at UVA

We have experience with the Title IX process at the University of Virginia.  We've helped UVA students accused of sexual misconduct and have advised them in their investigations and hearings and since our office is located in Lynchburg, we're just an hour away from Charlottesville.

UVA's Title IX Policy is complicated, convoluted and gives the Title IX investigator a great deal of power and discretion to direct the course of the investigation and to make the recommended findings.   The investigator's report is submitted to a panel of three faculty members who listen to limited evidence and then decide whether or not to accept the investigator's findings.  

If you are a UVA student accused of gender harassment, sexual misconduct or other Title IX violation, it is crucial to get help IMMEDIATELY in order to keep the investigation as fair as possible by making sure your side of the story is presented and documented.


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