Title IX at Clemson

You're a student at Clemson University and you receive an email or text saying that a sexual misconduct complaint has been filed against you. You're requested to attend a meeting to discuss the matter.  You're shocked, angry, scared and embarrassed.

Your instinct may be to go to the meeting and explain what happened, because you know you did nothing wrong.  DO NOT DO THIS.  Instead you should immediately (1) contact your parents or someone who is supportive of you and (2) contact an advisor who is familiar and experienced in sexual misconduct cases.

I have experience in advising students in sexual misconduct (Title IX) matters at Clemson and I can tell you that the biggest mistake you can make is to try to handle this alone.

You may think the school representatives are on your side, but the truth is that they are only on the side of the school.  It is their job to keep the school from receiving negative publicity and from being sued.  You need an experienced Title IX advisor who will be on YOUR side, not the school's.

So, if you receive an email or text message regarding a complaint of misconduct, make two calls.  Call your parents first.  Then call me.


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