About Margaret Valois

Margaret Valois is an experienced attorney who has also served as an adviser to many clients in Title IX sexual misconduct investigations and hearings at educational institutions across the country.

Margaret graduated from Mary Washington College and was admitted to practice law in Virginia in 2003 after completing Virginia's rigorous Law Reader Program under the supervision of a practicing attorney and the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners.  She is admitted to practice before all of Virginia's state and federal courts and has extensive experience in civil litigation.  She practices law with her husband in Lynchburg, Virginia and they have two college-aged sons of their own.

After successfully advising a client falsely accused of sexual misconduct at a local college several years ago, Margaret began to accept referrals from former clients and colleagues in Title IX cases across the country.  She now travels extensively to advise student, faculty and staff who have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

Margaret is active and participating contributor to F.A.C.E. (Families Advocating for Campus Equality) a non-profit organization formed to combat the unfairness of Title IX investigations and hearings at college and university campuses.  Margaret has successfully advised clients in community colleges, prep schools, private colleges and public universities from Virginia to California and she has become a tireless advocate for justice in the face of a corrupt and unjust system.